Discover How To Convert M4a To Mp3 On Windows

How To Convert M4a To Mp3 On Windows

If you’re using Windows and would want to convert some M4A files to MP3 format, you’ve found the proper site. In this tutorial, we’ll go through a few alternative options for making the M4A to MP3 transition go as smoothly as possible. All right, let’s start swimming!

Method 1: Using iTunes

iTunes is not just a media player and library manager, but it can also be used to change audio file types. If you want to convert M4A to MP3 on iTunes, do as follows:

  1. Launch iTunes on your Windows PC.
  2. To change your preferences, click “Edit” and then “Preferences.”
  3. Select the “General” option in the Preferences box.
  4. The fourth step is to tap the “Import Settings” button.
  5. To achieve this, open the Import Settings box, click the “Import Using” drop-down option, and then choose “MP3 Encoder.”
  6. Bitrate and quality may be modified along with other preferences in step six.
  7. To finish configuring imports, choose “OK” in the last window.
  8. Select the M4A file(s) you wish to convert by going back to your iTunes library at step 8.
  9. Right-click the files you want to convert, and then choose “Create MP3 Version.”
  10. iTunes will begin converting the files, and the MP3s will be available in your library when they are finished.

how to convert m4a to mp3 on windows

Method 2: Using Online Conversion Tools

Online conversion tools might be helpful if you’d rather use a web-based solution that doesn’t call for any program installation. Free M4A to MP3 conversion services may be found on a variety of websites. Use them as follows:

  1. Launch your internet browser of choice and type “M4A to MP3 converter online.”
  2. Use the search engine to locate a reputable online converter.
  3. Identify a “Upload” or “Choose File” button on the converter’s website.
  4. Then, choose the M4A file you want to convert by clicking the button.
  5. Select “MP3” as the destination format once you’ve submitted the file.
  6. Depending on the converter, you may be able to alter the output’s bitrate, quality, and other parameters. Modify them as you see fit.
  7. To begin the process of conversion, step 7 is to click the “Convert” or “Start Conversion” button.
  8. When the process is complete, the website will provide a link to download the transformed MP3 file. If you click it, the file will be downloaded to your computer.

how to convert m4a to mp3 on windows

Method 3: Using Dedicated Conversion Software

Dedicated conversion software may be a useful tool, especially for tech-savvy users who value complex capabilities and customization possibilities. A number of excellent applications like Freemake Audio Converter, Any Video Converter, and Audacity are available. Using specific applications, the procedure entails the following steps:

  1. Get your preferred converter program for Windows and install it.
  2. Start up the application and look for a way to import data.
  3. Load the program with the M4A file(s) you want to convert.
  4. Set “MP3” as the destination format for the transformation.
  5. Modify whatever preferences you have, including bitrate, quality, and metadata.
  6. Choose a destination folder to store the converted files.
  7. Get the transformation going and give it some time to finish.
  8. When the process is complete, the converted MP3 files may be found in the output folder.


It’s not hard to convert M4A to MP3 on Windows. You may do this in a number of methods, including using iTunes, internet conversion tools, or specialized software. The procedures given in this manual will help you

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