Discover How To Disable Touch Screen On Windows 11

How To Disable Touch Screen On Windows 11

You’ve found the proper location if you’d rather use a mouse and keyboard or if you need to temporarily turn off your device’s touch screen. This tutorial will show you how to disable the touch screen in Windows 11 by walking you through each step.

Why Disable the Touch Screen?

Let’s back up for a second and talk about why you may not want the touchscreen to work:

One reason is that some people just choose not to utilize a touchscreen since it’s too distracting or unneeded for their needs. By turning off the touchscreen, they may concentrate on using the keyboard and mouse.

Second, unintentional touches: If you find yourself constantly making unwanted movements or touching the screen by mistake, turning off the feature may be the best solution.

Third, battery life and performance: Touch screen interactions may be more power-intensive than other input methods, so turning them off can help preserve battery life. Furthermore, deactivating the touch screen may assist relieve the burden on system resources if you are encountering performance concerns.

With everything out of the way, let’s go into the mechanics of turning off the touchscreen.

Access the Device Manager

To begin deactivating the touch screen, go to the Device Manager as follows:

  1. To accomplish this, hit the Windows key + X on your keyboard or right-click the “Start” button in the taskbar’s lower left corner.
  2. Then, choose “Device Manager” from the drop-down option that appears. The window for managing hardware devices will pop up.

how to disable touch screen on windows 11

 Disable the Touch Screen Driver

To turn off the touch screen driver, go to the Device Manager window and perform the following:

  1. Open the subheading for “Human Interface Devices” by clicking the arrow to the right of that heading.
  2. Find the entry for the touch screen driver, 2. Names like “HID-compliant touch screen” are possible for this feature.
  3. The touch screen driver may be disabled by right-clicking on it and selecting “Disable device” from the resulting menu.
  4. It’s possible that a confirmation window may pop up. You may confirm the deactivation by clicking the “Yes” button.

Confirm the Disablement

To verify that the touch screen driver has been disabled, do the following.

  1. You should minimize Device Manager.
  2. Tap or swipe the screen to ensure the touch screen works. It ought to stop reacting to touches now.

how to disable touch screen on windows 11

Re-enabling the Touch Screen

If you ever want to use the touchscreen again, here’s what you need to do:

  1. As instructed in Step 1, open the Device Manager.
  2. To install a touch screen driver, look for it in a section under “Human Interface Devices.”
  3. Choose “Enable device” from the context menu after right-clicking the touch screen driver.
  4. Shut off Device Manager by clicking its X in the top right corner.


The touch screen features of Windows 11 may be simply disabled by following the instructions in this article. Disabling the touch screen provides you more control over your device, whether you prefer a conventional input method, want to avoid accidental touches, or want to increase battery life and performance. Get in touch with your inner nerd and tweak Windows 11 to your liking.

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