Discover How To Use Video Speed Controller

How To Use Video Speed Controller

You, probably, know the value of fine-tuning your video-viewing setup. The Video Speed Controller add-on for Chrome is a handy tool that gives you more control over the speed at which movies play. In this article, we’ll go into the ins and outs of using the Video Speed Controller extension to change the playing speed of internet videos and get access to previously unavailable levels of personalization.

1. Install the Video Speed Controller Extension:

You may control the speed of videos directly from your browser by installing an extension called “Video Speed Controller.” It works with all the major browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. Go to your browser’s add-ons store and search for “Video Speed Controller.” To add the extension, use the “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firefox” option.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Extension Controls:

Second, learn how to use the extension’s controls. The Video Speed Controller icon will appear in your browser’s toolbar after the extension has been installed. When you click the icon, the extension’s settings and options will appear. Learn how to use the many playback controls, such as the speed dial, the rewind and fast forward buttons, and more.

how to use video speed controller

3. Adjust Video Playback Speed:

The primary function of Video Speed Controller is to allow users to customize the playing speed of their favorite web videos. Start watching a video on a website and adjust the playback speed from there. Then, access the Video Speed Controller from the browser’s main menu. You may adjust the playback speed using the slider provided. Move it to the right to fast-forward through the video, or to the left to rewind it. Try out several speeds until you discover one that works best for you.

4. Fine-Tune Playback Speed:

Video Speed Controller lets you dial in precise playback speeds through the keyboard in addition to predetermined speed increments. By default, a 0.1x increase in speed is achieved by hitting the “D” key, while a 0.1x reduction is achieved by using the “S” key. In the extension’s configuration, you may alter both the keybindings and the increment values.

5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts:

The fifth method is to use the keyboard shortcuts that Video Speed Controller offers. You can use the “R” key to go back in time for a certain amount of time, and the “F” key to go forward. In the extension’s configuration, you may alter the rewind and fast forward times to suit your needs. Pressing the spacebar will stop or resume the video.

6. Customize Extension Settings:

Video Speed Controller’s flexible settings allow you to fine-tune the add-on to your specific needs. The extension’s preferences may be adjusted using the settings cog in the floating toolbar. In this section, you may change the default playback speed, key bindings, rewind/fast forward times, and other preferences.

If you follow these instructions, the Video Speed Controller extension will provide you finer control over your video playing than ever before. Video Speed Controller gives you the nerdy freedom to adjust the speed of any video to your liking, whether you’re viewing a lesson for learning something new or a movie you love. Take use of the additional options and customizations this add-on provides for watching videos online.

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