How To Change Font In Windows 11

How To Change Font In Windows 11

One method to personalize Windows 11’s streamlined and contemporary user interface is by switching the system typeface. on case you’re a font aficionado or just want to customize your computer, here’s how to do it on Windows 11.

1. Check Font Compatibility:

Make sure the font you want to use as the system font is compatible with Windows 11 before installing it. TrueType and OpenType fonts, or those made exclusively for Windows, are the best bet. The following procedures may be carried out after a suitable font has been obtained.

how to change font in windows 11

2. Download and Install the Font:

You’ll need to have the font installed on your device in order to change the system font, so be sure to download it. The first step is to get the font file by downloading it from a reputable source or buying it from a legitimate font vendor. Right-clicking the downloaded font file and selecting “Install” will install the font on your computer. This will allow its usage on all versions of Windows 11.

3. Access Windows Settings:

Launch Windows’s Settings menu to start personalizing your system’s fonts. To achieve this, just choose the Windows logo-shaped Start button from the taskbar’s central position. Once the Start menu loads, choose the Settings icon from the list that appears on the left. To access the Windows Settings panel, click the gear-shaped icon.

4. Navigate to Personalization Settings:

Go to the Windows Settings menu and choose Personalization from the list of options on the left. Find the section labeled “Personalization” and choose it. The fonts and other aspects of Windows 11’s graphical user interface may be adjusted here.

how to change font in windows 11

5. Choose the Font Settings:

After choosing the “Personalization” tab, you will be given the opportunity to adjust many settings, including the font. Find the “Fonts” option, which is often at the top of the list, and choose it. This will launch the system’s font customization menu.

6. Change the System Font:

Alter the System Font There are many fonts available under the system’s Font settings. Find the “System font” option and use the pull-down menu that appears. The fonts currently installed on your computer will be shown. Just go through the options until you locate the font you just installed or one you like better. Simply click on the typeface you want to use.

With these instructions, altering the font size and style in Windows 11 is as simple as pie. Try out a variety of various settings and fonts to discover the one that works best for you on Windows. Have fun playing around with Windows 11’s new aesthetic and personalization options!

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