How To Connect Magic Mouse To Windows

Introduction “How To Connect Magic Mouse To Windows”

Apple’s Magic Mouse is a multi-touch mouse with a streamlined design. The Magic Mouse was designed to work with Apple products, but it can be used with a Windows PC with the right setup. If you’re a techie who can’t wait to try it out, here’s how to hook up your Magic Mouse with Windows.

Check Compatibility

First, make sure your version of Windows supports Bluetooth communication before trying to connect your Magic Mouse to a Windows computer. Bluetooth is used to provide a wireless connection for the Magic Mouse. Even though most new Windows PCs already have Bluetooth built in, you should check nevertheless.

Enable Bluetooth on Windows

The second step is to make sure Bluetooth is turned on in Windows. To accomplish this, press the Windows button, then go to the Settings menu (the gear symbol), and finally pick “Devices.” Select “Bluetooth & other devices” from the Devices menu. If it isn’t already, please set the Bluetooth switch to the “On” position.

how to connect magic mouse to windows

Prepare the Magic Mouse

Get the Magic Mouse ready by making sure it is powered on and can be found. Press and hold the power button on the bottom of the Magic Mouse for a few seconds to turn it on. When the mouse is activated, the LED light above it will illuminate. Hold down the power button until the mouse’s LED indicator starts flashing, indicating that it is ready to be found.

Pair the Magic Mouse with Windows

The “Add Bluetooth or other device” button may be found in the Bluetooth settings of your Windows machine. The procedure of connecting two devices will begin immediately. The “Bluetooth” option should be chosen as the device type. After clicking the button, Windows will begin looking for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Locate and Connect to the Magic Mouse

After a little while, the Magic Mouse should appear in the list of available devices in Windows. Select “Magic Mouse” from the drop-down menu that appears. After that, Windows will begin the mouse connection process. During this time, the Magic Mouse’s pairing code may appear on your screen. Confirm the pairing by entering the same code into both devices.

Using these instructions, you may sync your Magic Mouse with a Windows PC and take advantage of its sophisticated appearance and responsive multitouch features. Keep in mind that the Magic Mouse’s sophisticated capabilities and motions may be disabled or unavailable on Windows as compared to Apple devices.

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