How To Convert Powerpoint 2010 To Mp4 Video

How To Convert Powerpoint 2010 To Mp4 Video

PowerPoint 2010 is a popular presentation program because it enables users to create dynamic slide displays by including a broad range of multimedia assets. PowerPoint’s built-in capabilities and third-party applications make it simple to convert presentations into MP4 movies, which may then be simply shared online. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the necessary procedures to export a PowerPoint 2010 presentation as an MP4 video file for smooth viewing and straightforward sharing.

1. Save PowerPoint Slides as Images

Each slide in PowerPoint 2010 must be saved as an image before it can be converted to MP4. To access the “File” menu in your PowerPoint presentation, click the “Open” button. To save the photographs, click “Save As” and then pick a folder. Choose “PNG” or “JPEG” from the “Save as type” drop-down menu to save separate photos of each slide.

how to convert powerpoint 2010 to mp4 video

2. Create a New PowerPoint Presentation

Create a new PowerPoint presentation after saving the slides as pictures. This revised presentation will house the filmed stills when they are completed. Launch PowerPoint and go to the “Insert” menu. To create a new album, go to the “Photo Album” menu and choose “New Photo Album.” Select the previously stored photographs by clicking the “File/Disk” button and then choosing the appropriate files.

3. Customize Slide Duration and Transitions

The new PowerPoint presentation allows you to adjust the time spent on each slide and use transitions if you so want. Click the “Transitions” tab after selecting all the slides with Ctrl+A. To change how long each slide is shown for, click the “Duration” box and input the new time value. Slide transitions may be applied by selecting an option from the “Transition to This Slide” drop-down menu.

how to convert powerpoint 2010 to mp4 video

4. Export PowerPoint as MP4 Video

PowerPoint presentations may be exported as MP4 videos after the slides and transitions have been modified to suit the presenter’s needs. In order to save your work, click the “File” menu and then “Save As.” Select “MP4” as the output format, label the file, and save it to a place of your choosing. To begin the export process, choose “Save” from the file menu.

To sum up, presentations made with PowerPoint 2010 may be easily shared and played on a wide range of devices after being converted to the MP4 video format. You may rapidly convert your presentation by saving the slides as photos, making a new PowerPoint presentation, adjusting the slide length and transitions, and then exporting as an MP4 movie. If you need more extensive functionality, you may want to use a third-party converter. Easy PowerPoint 2010 to MP4 video conversion increases content accessibility and mobility.

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