How To Dark Mode Messenger In Pc

How To Dark Mode Messenger In Pc

Dark mode’s growing popularity may be attributed to the improved aesthetic and usability it brings, particularly in low-light settings. In contrast to the mobile version of Messenger, the desktop version of Messenger does not include a built-in dark mode. This tutorial will show you how to switch to dark mode in Messenger for Windows.

1. Messenger Website:

The Messenger website makes checking your messages on a personal computer simple. However, a dark mode option is now unavailable on the Messenger website. As a result, you won’t find an option to switch to dark mode in the theme customization menu.

2. Use Browser Extensions:

Use an add-on for your web browser to get dark mode for Messenger on your computer. These add-ons apply a blackout theme to your whole browser, including Messenger. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have their own extension shops where you can download and install popular add-ons like Dark Reader and Night Eye. The dark mode theme should load whenever you launch Messenger in your browser after downloading the extension.

how to dark mode messenger in pc

3. Browser Settings:

Thirdly, you may adjust your browser’s settings to make dark mode for websites the default. If you’re using Google Chrome, for instance, you may switch to a darker theme in the preferences. Select “Dark” under “Theme” in the “Appearance” menu to make all websites, including Messenger, use a dark mode theme. It’s possible that dark mode toggles exist in the preferences of other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

4. Windows System Settings:

If you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 11, you may adjust the system settings to activate a dark mode that will effect all of your programs, including your web browser. Select the gear icon in the Start menu to access the Windows settings menu. The “Personalization” part of the settings menu may be accessed through the “Colors” submenu. Choose “Dark” from the “Choose your color” menu to turn on dark mode across the board, including in your web browser. If you use Messenger in your browser, you should see a dark theme when you first open it.

how to dark mode messenger in pc

5. Developer Tools:

For those with more technical knowledge, a third option exists: utilizing the browser’s developer tools to activate dark mode in Messenger for PC. Using this approach, a dark theme is manually applied by changing the web page’s CSS styles. Right-clicking on the Messenger web page and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” from the context menu will bring up the developer tools. Find the “Styles” area in the developer tools panel and add or adjust the CSS styles to create a dark theme. Remember that this approach requires at least some familiarity with HTML and CSS.

Messenger’s dark mode may be activated on a Windows PC with the use of browser extensions, user preferences, system preferences, or the browser’s developer tools. Messenger’s dark mode on Windows 10 makes sending and receiving messages easier on the eyes and more relaxing.

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