How To Enable Two Finger Scrolling Windows 10

Introduction: How To Enable Two Finger Scrolling Windows 10

Enabling two-finger scrolling may dramatically boost productivity and simplicity of navigation if you’re a geek who enjoys playing with settings to better your Windows 10 experience. By using the touchpad with two fingers, you may quickly and easily browse between text, images, and web sites. Using this tutorial, you can set up two-finger scrolling in Windows 10.

Accessing Mouse Settings:

To begin, go to your Windows 10 computer’s Mouse settings. There are a variety of approaches to take. When you right-click the Start button, you may choose “Settings.” Select “Devices” from the Settings menu’s drop-down list, and then select “Mouse” to edit your mouse’s settings. A second option is to type “Mouse settings” into the Windows search box and then choose the resulting item.

Opening Additional Mouse Options:

The default configuration for your mouse may be found in the Mouse settings window. A link labeled “Additional mouse options” may be found in the window’s lower right corner; clicking it will reveal other customization choices. Clicking this will bring up the Mouse Properties window.

how to enable two finger scrolling windows 10

Navigating to the Touchpad Settings:

Select the “Touchpad” tab in the Mouse Properties window. The touchpad settings you see may vary from laptop to laptop and from driver to driver. Check for a menu option or button titled “Touchpad” or “ClickPad.”

 Enabling Two-Finger Scrolling:

Find a scrolling-related setting after you go inside the Touchpad’s preferences. Sometimes this is referred to as “Scrolling,” “Gestures,” or “Multi-finger Gestures.” Try to find a setting that allows two-finger scrolling. To activate this function, check the box or flip the switch.

Testing Two-Finger Scrolling:

Open a web page, document, or anything else that can be scrolled with two fingers to test the feature. Use two fingers to swipe up or down on the touchpad. The text should scroll in the appropriate manner. Check that two-finger scrolling works as expected by trying it out with a variety of apps and content.

Two-finger scrolling in Windows 10 improves the touchpad experience and makes it easier to move between documents and online pages. Follow this guide’s instructions to quickly activate this function and adjust its settings to your liking. Two-finger scrolling is both fast and easy on a Windows 10 laptop.

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