How To Get Unity Web Player To Work On Chrome

How To Get Unity Web Player To Work On Chrome

You may run into compatibility difficulties, though, since Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plugins like Unity Web Player. But have no dread! This tutorial will show you how to fix Unity Web Player so that it runs properly on Chrome.

Checking Unity Web Player Compatibility:

It’s important to double-check whether or not the service you wish to utilize still requires Unity Web Player before moving on. Developers at Unity Technologies, makers of the Unity Web Player, have shifted their focus to WebGL and WebAssembly. Many programmers have shifted their focus to these more modern systems. Verify whether there are other options than Unity Web Player for using the website or app, such as a WebGL version or a standalone app.

Using Internet Explorer Tab Extension:

Using the Internet Explorer Tab extension, you can get Unity Web Player working in Chrome. With this add-on, you may use NPAPI plugins normally only available in Internet Explorer inside a Chrome browser. Just do what I say:

  1. To access the Chrome Web Store, launch Google Chrome 1.
  2. Type “Internet Explorer Tab” into the search field.
  3. Select an extension you like, and then select “Add to Chrome” to add it to your Chrome browser.
  4. After installation, a new Internet Explorer icon will appear in your browser’s toolbar.

how to get unity web player to work on chrome

Enabling Internet Explorer Tab:

After installing the Internet Explorer Tab extension, you’ll need to activate it before using any website or program that necessitates Unity Web Player.

  1. Go to the webpage or use the program that requires Unity Web Player.
  2. To launch a new tab on Internet Explorer, just double-click the browser’s icon in the toolbar.
  3.  If requested, do the necessary steps inside the tab to install or activate Unity Web Player.
  4.  If you need to, refresh the website to make sure Unity Web Player has loaded properly.

Alternative Browsers:

If you find that utilizing the Internet Explorer Tab extension does not meet your needs, you may switch to another browser that does support NPAPI plugins. If you want to use Unity Web Player and other NPAPI plugins, you should download and use a browser like Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Updating Unity Web Player:

Make sure your Unity Web Player is always up-to-date so it can run the latest websites and programs. Download the most recent version of Unity Web Player from either the official website or the content’s website. By installing the update, functionality and compatibility should both be improved.

While Chrome’s native support for Unity Web Player has been discontinued owing to the browser’s lack of support for NPAPI plugins, you may still use the browser with the aid of the Internet Explorer Tab extension or another browser altogether.

If you follow the instructions in this article, you can get Unity Web Player working in your Chrome browser again, allowing you to play games and interact with 3D material online. Don’t forget the industry is moving toward WebGL and WebAssembly, and look at other options provided by content creators.

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