How To Increase Playback Speed In Windows Media Player

How To Increase Playback Speed In Windows Media Player

The Windows Media Player is a well-known program for playing multimedia files on PCs running Microsoft Windows. Increasing the playing speed might be a helpful tool if you’re wanting to improve your media viewing experience. When listening to or viewing long films or audio recordings, this may be a great time saver. Here we’ll go through how to speed up playing in Windows Media Player.

1. Launch Windows Media Player

To get started, look for a program called “Windows Media Player” on your computer. It’s normally located in the “Windows Accessories” section in the Start menu, or you can use the search bar to look for it. When you do, just double-click the icon to begin using the software.

2. Open the Media File

The next step is to open the desired media file inside Windows Media Player. Both dragging and dropping the file into the player window and choosing “Open” from the “File” menu will do this. To play a file with Windows Media Player, choose it and then click the “Open” button.

how to increase playback speed in windows media player

3. Navigate to the Playback Menu

Once the file has been loaded, you may access the Windows Media Player menu at the top of the window. To access the submenu, use the “Play” button. To change the playback speed, choose “Play Speed” from this menu.

4. Adjust the Playback Speed

After clicking “Play Speed,” a window will go up where you may change the media file’s playing speed. The slider will be between 0.5x and 2.0x, with 1.0x being the default playback speed. To speed up the playback, move the slider to the right. Try out a variety of playback rates until you discover one that meets your needs.

how to increase playback speed in windows media player

5. Start Playback

Click the “OK” button after you’ve set the playback speed to your preference, and the Play Speed window will dismiss. Click the “Play” button on Windows Media Player’s interface to begin playing your media file.

In conclusion, Windows Media Player offers a simple means to accelerate media playing. You may save time and get exactly what you want out of your media-viewing experience if you follow these instructions. Adjusting the playing speed in Windows Media Player is a great way to get the most out of any multimedia experience, whether you’re watching a movie or listening to a lecture.


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