How To Install Mingw In Windows 11 : A Tutorial

How To Install Mingw In Windows 11

The Minimalist GNU for Windows (MinGW) environment is used to build Windows programs from the ground up. Geek, you’ve found the proper site if you want to install MinGW on your Windows 11 PC. We’ll show you how to set up MinGW on Windows 11 so you can use the GNU toolchain to create and build programs.

1. Download MinGW Installation Manager:

First, go to the MinGW website and download the MinGW Installation Manager (mingw-get) so you may begin the installation process. Download the setup file for the most recent version that works with Windows 11.

2. Run the Installation Manager:

After the installation package has finished downloading, you should launch the Installation Manager. In order to continue with the installation, you may be asked to provide administrative access.

3. Select MinGW Components:

Third, decide which MinGW components you want to install by using the MinGW Installation Manager. Compilers, libraries, and other development tools may be installed selectively. Make sure you have everything in your code that you need to get the job done.

how to install mingw in windows 11

4. Set the Installation Directory:

When installing MinGW, you will be prompted to choose a location to place the program’s files. Select a folder on your Windows 11 PC where you’d want MinGW to be installed, and then continue with the installation.

5. Install MinGW:

To begin installing MinGW, click the “Install” or “Apply Changes” button after making your component selections and specifying the installation path. The components you choose will be downloaded and installed on your Windows 11 machine via the MinGW Installation Manager.

6. Configure Environment Variables:

After MinGW has been installed, you will need to configure certain environment variables so that you may use it from the command line. Launch the computer’s search tool by clicking the Start button and typing “Environment Variables.” Click “Edit the system environment variables” to bring up the System Properties panel. To access the “Path” variable, go to the “Environment Variables” tab and look under “System variables.” To include the location of the MinGW bin directory (for example, C:MinGWbin) in the list of paths, choose “Edit” and click “Open.” You should probably save your work.

7. Verify the Installation:

Open the Command Prompt or Windows Terminal and run “gcc –version” to verify the version of GCC that was installed with MinGW. The MinGW installation on Windows 11 was successful if the command outputs the version details.

Following these instructions, you may install MinGW on a Windows 11 machine and have it ready for use in software development. To facilitate the creation of native Windows programs using the GNU toolchain, MinGW provides a robust collection of tools and libraries. Kick off your Windows 11 programming adventures by delving into MinGW’s features.

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