How To Make Taskbar Transparent In Windows 11

How To Make Taskbar Transparent In Windows 11

Making the taskbar translucent is a common personalization choice that may give your Windows 11 desktop a more minimalist, contemporary feel. Here, we’ll show you how to turn Windows 11’s translucent taskbar into an effective tool for making your desktop more unique and beautiful.

Accessing Personalization Settings:

Open the Windows 11 Personalization settings. To customize the taskbar, right-click an empty area and choose “Personalize” from the option that appears. If you prefer, you may click the Start button, then the gear-shaped Settings icon, and finally the “Personalization” option.

Navigating to Taskbar Settings:

Choose “Taskbar” from the left sidebar of the “Personalization” box. By clicking this, you’ll be sent to the Taskbar’s settings page, where you may alter its design and functionality.

how to make taskbar transparent in windows 11

Enabling Transparency:

In the Taskbar’s preferences, there’s a toggle switch titled “Transparency.” Toggle the switch beside it to make the taskbar see through. The taskbar’s transparency may be fine-tuned in real-time by toggling the switch, with the effect visible immediately.

Customizing Accent Color:

In Windows 11, the taskbar’s transparency may be adjusted based on the desktop’s accent color. The accent color may be changed to further refine the transparency effect. To change the colors of the Taskbar, choose the option “Colors” from the Taskbar’s settings.

Choosing an Accent Color:

The accent color may be adjusted in a number of ways, all of which can be found under the Colors settings. Try out a few different hues until you discover one that works with your computer’s theme and produces the correct amount of translucence. The opacity of the taskbar will change as you choose various accent colors.

how to make taskbar transparent in windows 11

Applying the Changes:

Once you’re satisfied with the transparency and accent color, you may shut the Taskbar and Colors windows. The modifications you made will take effect instantly, and your Windows 11 desktop will now include a translucent taskbar in your chosen accent color.


In Windows 11, you have the option to make the taskbar translucent, which may drastically alter the appearance of your desktop. Transparency may be simply enabled and customized to your liking by following the methods given in this article. Try playing around with contrasting colors to see how they complement the transparency. Windows 11’s translucent taskbar makes for a more aesthetically pleasing and customizable desktop experience.

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