How To Remove Honey From Chrome

Introduction “How To Remove Honey From Chrome”

If you’re a person who likes to make the most of their online experiences, you may have downloaded the Honey extension for Google Chrome to help you save money as you buy. However, you may wish to uninstall Honey from Chrome if you no longer find it beneficial or if it is slowing down your browser. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the best practices for uninstalling Honey from Chrome. Prepare to embrace your inner nerd and revolutionize the way you surf the web.

Removing Honey via Chrome Extensions Settings

Using Chrome’s native Extensions settings is the quickest approach to uninstall the Honey add-on. Just do what I say:

  • Fire up Google Chrome on your machine.
  • Select it from the menu that appears when you click the three dots in the upper right of the browser.
  • Choose “More tools” from the menu, and then “Extensions.”
  • Afterwards, you’ll be sent to the Extensions page, where you may see the available add-ons.
  • Look for the Honey add-on at the bottom of the list.
  • To uninstall the Honey add-on, click the “Remove” link that appears next to it.
  • A window asking for confirmation will show up. Honey may be removed from Google Chrome by selecting the “Remove” button.
  • To finish uninstalling, just restart your Chrome browser.

how to remove honey from chrome

Resetting Chrome Settings

If the Honey add-on still won’t go away after doing the previous steps, you may always try reverting Chrome’s settings to their original factory defaults. How? Read on!

  • Launch Chrome and choose the More options link.
  • In the menu that appears, choose “Settings.”
  • Find the “Advanced” button and click it to see further customization options.
  • Go down to the “Reset and clean up” area by scrolling down.
  • Select the option to “Restore settings to their original defaults.”
  • A cautionary window will automatically open. To begin, please tap the “Reset settings” button.
  • When you restore Chrome to its factory settings, all extensions, including Honey, will be removed.

how to remove honey from chrome

Using Third-Party Uninstaller Tools

If you’re still having trouble removing Honey after trying the aforementioned steps, you may try utilizing an external uninstaller. By checking for residual files and registry entries, these programs assist guarantee a thorough uninstallation. Revo Uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller, and Geek Uninstaller are just a few of the many available choices. To totally remove Honey, use the utility as directed.


If you use Google Chrome, you may uninstall the Honey plugin by following the steps in this article. You may get rid of Honey and speed up your surfing experience by using either the built-in Extensions settings, restoring Chrome to its factory settings, or third-party uninstaller programs.

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