How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive : A Tutorial

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

If you’re a person, who takes data safety and security seriously, you could have experienced the horror of the shortcut virus on your portable storage device. This harmful virus creates shortcuts to your files and folders, making it harder to retrieve your original files and directories. But have no apprehension! In this tutorial, we’ll look at several approaches of eliminating the shortcut virus from a USB stick. Invoke your inner nerd and take back control of your data!

Using CMD (Command Prompt)

Command Prompt (or CMD) is a potent utility for eradicating the shortcut virus from your flash drive. In this way:

  1. To begin, please plug your infected flash drive into your computer.
  2. You should then go to the Start menu and look for “Command Prompt.”
  3. Then, choose “Command Prompt” from the menu, right-click, and click “Run as administrator.”
  4. Find the drive letter for your flash drive in the Command Prompt window. If your flash drive’s letter is “E,” for instance, you would write this command and hit Enter:
  5. Once inside the pendrive’s directory, enter attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and hit Enter.
  6. With this command, all files and folders on your pendrive will lose their secret, read-only, and system properties, rendering the shortcut virus useless.

how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive

Using Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is another reliable method for eradicating the shortcut malware. Most modern antivirus software can identify and eliminate such dangers. How to operate antivirus programs is as follows:

  1. If you don’t already have one, you need do the following steps: 1.
  2. Connect the infected flash device to the computer.
  3. Launch the antivirus program and do a full system scan.
  4. To find and eliminate the shortcut malware, step four is to run a complete system scan, which should include the pendrive.
  5. When prompted, move infected files to the quarantine or delete them.
  6. Remove the flash drive from your computer carefully when the scan and deletion processes are finished.

 Manual Removal

Manually eradicating the shortcut virus from your pendrive is an option if the aforementioned solutions don’t work for you. In this way:

  1. To begin, please plug your infected flash drive into your computer.
  2. Launch File Explorer and go to the thumb drive’s folder.
  3. If strange shortcuts have been created in place of your files and folders, remove them immediately.
  4. Virus-hidden originals must be tracked down and restored. It’s possible they have a similar format or suffix.
  5. Make a copy of the original files and folders and store them somewhere secure.
  6. If you want to get rid of the infection for good, you need format the flash device. Just right-click the flash drive and choose “Format.”


You may clean your pendrive of the shortcut malware by using the instructions below. You may recover your data and bring back the safety of your pendrive by using CMD, antivirus software, or manual removal. Accept your inner nerd, protect your information, and avoid getting viruses on your pendrive!

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