How To Stop Kmplayer Connecting To Internet

How To Stop Kmplayer Connecting To Internet

KMPlayer is a flexible media player with a large number of available functions and an even larger number of supported file types. There are, however, options if you’d rather use KMPlayer without an online connection or if you want to block it from connecting to the internet. This tutorial will show you how to prevent KMPlayer from ever connecting to the internet, so you may enjoy your media collection without ever having to worry about losing your connection.

1. Disable Network Access in KMPlayer Settings

You may stop KMPlayer from connecting to the internet in two ways: first, you can disable the program’s network access in the application’s settings. Launch KMPlayer and go to the “Options” or “Preferences” menu, which should be under the “Tools” or “Settings” section. Locate a setting that has anything to do with your network or internet connection and deselect it. By doing this, KMPlayer will no longer be able to access the internet.

2. Block KMPlayer in Windows Firewall

Blocking its access via the Windows Firewall is another efficient method of preventing KMPlayer from establishing an online connection. To enable the Windows Defender Firewall, open the Windows Control Panel, type “Firewall,” and then click “Windows Defender Firewall.” Click “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” and search for KMPlayer in the list of available programs. To prevent KMPlayer from connecting to the internet, uncheck the boxes corresponding to both public and private networks.

how to stop kmplayer connecting to internet

3. Use a Third-Party Firewall

A third-party firewall is an option if you want a more thorough method of restricting KMPlayer’s access to the internet. Software firewalls like ZoneAlarm and Comodo Firewall provide sophisticated tools for managing your network’s traffic. Put in place an external firewall, alter its settings to prevent KMPlayer from connecting to the internet, and make sure they take effect.

4. Disconnect from the Internet

You may also prevent KMPlayer from going online by temporarily removing your computer from the network. To do this, turn off wireless connections or remove the Ethernet cord. When you play media without an active internet connection, KMPlayer won’t try to connect to the internet.

5. Create a Local Media Library

Having a local media library on your PC might improve the offline experience while using KMPlayer. To use KMPlayer, you must first move the media files you want to view using the program to a designated location on your hard drive. By doing so, you may bypass the requirement for KMPlayer to connect to the internet for streaming or online content retrieval and instead access and play these files straight from your local storage.

In conclusion, there are a number of methods available to prevent KMPlayer from making an online connection. KMPlayer’s online connection may be disabled in its settings, in the Windows Firewall, via a third-party firewall, by disconnecting from the internet, or by building a local media library. Follow these measures depending on your needs and preferences to avoid internet interruptions when watching media.


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