How To Turn Off Hardware Acceleration Chrome : A Tutorial

How To Turn Off Hardware Acceleration Chrome

Geekdom has taught you the value of fine-tuning your browser settings. Chrome’s hardware acceleration may be disabled, for example. Using your computer’s hardware to speed up processes might improve performance, but it can also cause unexpected problems like crashes or stuttering while playing videos. If you’re experiencing any of these problems or if you just wish to switch off hardware acceleration in Chrome for any other reason, this tutorial will show you how.

Access Chrome Settings

First, launch Chrome on your machine and go to the Settings menu. Find the menu by clicking the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the browser. When you hover over the dots, a menu will appear. To reach Chrome’s configuration page, pick “Settings” from the menu.

how to turn off hardware acceleration chrome

Scroll Down to Advanced Settings

To access the more in-depth configuration options for Chrome, follow these steps: 2. From the Settings screen, choose Advanced. When you go to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a section labeled “Advanced.” Select more choices by clicking the arrow next to “Advanced” in this menu.

Locate System Settings

Once the “Advanced” tab has been opened, continue scrolling down until you reach the “System” subheading. Chrome’s system settings, including those affecting behavior and performance, may be found under the “System” tab.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Under the “System” heading, you’ll see a setting labeled “Use hardware acceleration when available.” To disable this feature, click this setting. The blue toggle indicates that this feature is on by default. You may disable hardware acceleration by clicking the slider. When the slider becomes gray, hardware acceleration has been turned off in Chrome.

how to turn off hardware acceleration chrome

Relaunch Chrome

Chrome must be relaunched for the hardware acceleration switch to take effect after being disabled. At the very bottom of the Chrome Settings screen, you’ll see a “Relaunch” button. Chrome will exit and restart with the updated preferences loaded.

Verify Hardware Acceleration Status

Chrome allows you to double-check the status of hardware acceleration so you can be sure it has been off properly. Then, in the new tab’s address box, put “chrome://gpu” (without the quotations). To open Chrome’s GPU configuration page, press the Enter key. First, go to the “Graphics Feature Status” section and see whether “Hardware accelerated” is set to “Disabled.” If it’s grayed out, hardware acceleration really isn’t being used.

If you’re having performance or video-playback difficulties with Google Chrome, you can quickly disable hardware acceleration by following these instructions. Keep in mind that certain websites or apps that depend heavily on hardware acceleration may see a little speed hit if you disable hardware acceleration in Chrome. If you run into any issues, you can always turn on hardware acceleration again by using the same procedures. Have fun with a personalized web experience made just for you!

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