How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11

Introduction How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11

You, probably , understand the significance of being constantly linked to the internet and your many electronic gadgets. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re running Windows 11 and want to activate Bluetooth so that you can communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. on this tutorial, we’ll show you how to activate Bluetooth on Windows 11. Let’s get in and discover the potential of wireless interaction!

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings

To activate Bluetooth, launch the Windows Settings by following these steps: To begin:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the “Start” button in the far left corner of the taskbar.
  2. The Windows Settings may be accessed by clicking the gear symbol in the Start menu. You may also launch Windows Settings with a quick press of the “Win + I” shortcut.

Step 2: Access the Bluetooth Settings

Here’s how to access the Bluetooth settings in Windows Settings:

  1. Choose “Devices” in the Windows Settings pane.
  2. Select “Bluetooth & devices” from the menu on the left.

how to turn on bluetooth on windows 11

Step 3: Turn On Bluetooth

You may activate Bluetooth after navigating to its settings in the following ways:

  1. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” section of the “Bluetooth & devices” settings.
  2. Activate Bluetooth by toggling the corresponding switch. When Bluetooth is turned on, the toggle switch will change from gray to blue.

how to turn on bluetooth on windows 11

Step 4: Pair and Connect Bluetooth Devices

Now that Bluetooth is on, you can connect and pair Bluetooth gadgets. How? Read on! To begin connecting your Bluetooth device:

  1. To learn how to accomplish this, please refer to the device’s user manual.
  2. Go to the “Other devices” section of the Bluetooth & devices settings and select the “Add device” button.
  3. Windows 11 will automatically scan the area for available Bluetooth devices. When your gadget shows up in the list, choose it to begin pairing.
  4. Link the devices by following the on-screen instructions or entering the pairing codes.

Step 5: Manage Bluetooth Settings

After enabling Bluetooth and pairing your devices, you will have access to further Bluetooth options. You might also consider the following alternatives:

Click the device’s name in the Bluetooth & devices settings menu, and then choose “Rename” to give the device a new name.
Second, pick “Remove” from the menu after clicking the device’s name. After being asked, please confirm the deletion.
In the Bluetooth & devices settings, scroll to the bottom and choose the “Advanced Bluetooth settings” link to get further customization options. Bluetooth discovery and associated settings are within your control here.


This article will show you how to activate Bluetooth in Windows 11 and pair it with your preferred devices. With Windows 11, you can easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices and take advantage of wireless connectivity. Embrace your inner nerd and discover all the cool things you can do with Bluetooth!

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