How To Uninstall Knctr On Windows 10

How To Uninstall Knctr On Windows 10

KNCTR is a mobile app that lets you make free phone calls, send texts, and access media. Uninstalling KNCTR from Windows 10 is simple if you decide you no longer want or wish to use the program. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the procedures necessary to completely remove KNCTR from your computer.

1. Access the Control Panel

Start the uninstall procedure in Windows 10 by opening the Control Panel. To get there, choose the Start button and enter “Control Panel” into the search field. To access the settings menu, type “Control panel” into a web browser and click the Control Panel result.

2. Navigate to the Programs and Features Section

The “Programs” section of the Control Panel window has the “Uninstall a program” link. Clicking this will take you to your computer’s Programs and Features menu, where you can see a list of all the software that has been installed.

3. Locate KNCTR in the Installed Programs List

Under “Programs and Features,” look for “KNCTR” among the list of currently installed software. In most cases, the list will be organized alphabetically to facilitate your search for the appropriate application. When you reach KNCTR, choose it by clicking on it.

how to uninstall knctr on windows 10

4. Initiate the Uninstall Process

Then, in the upper right corner of the Programs and Features window, click the “Uninstall” option once you’ve chosen KNCTR. The removal of KNCTR will begin immediately.

5. Follow the Uninstallation Wizard

To remove a program, just click the Uninstall button and follow the on-screen instructions. To finish the uninstallation, follow the on-screen instructions. During the procedure, the wizard may request confirmation or provide new choices. Please review the questions and provide the requested information.

6. Complete the Uninstallation

After completing the prompts shown by the uninstaller, KNCTR will be deleted from your Windows 10 computer. It may take a few minutes to completely delete a program, depending on its size. When the removal of KNCTR is complete, you will get a notification confirming that it has been removed.

In conclusion, removing KNCTR from a PC running Windows 10 is a breeze, and can be done in the Settings menu. You may successfully uninstall KNCTR from your computer by following these instructions and finishing the uninstallation dialog. You can make sure the deletion was complete by looking for any leftover directories or files.


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