Learn How To Freeze Top Two Rows In Excel

How To Freeze Top Two Rows In Excel

Excel is a robust spreadsheet program that facilitates efficient data organization and analysis. If you’re dealing with a huge dataset, you may find it useful to “freeze” certain rows or columns so that they remain in view while you scroll. In this tutorial, we’ll look at many approaches for locking the top two rows in Excel.

1. Using the Freeze Panes Option:

One method is to use Excel’s “Freeze Panes” function, which enables you to temporarily hide the active worksheet’s rows and columns. Here’s how to stop the top two rows from moving:

  • Open your Excel worksheet and navigate to the row just below the two rows you want to freeze.
  • In Excel, choose the “View” tab from the ribbon’s menu.
  • Click the down arrow next to the “Freeze Panes” option in the “Window” submenu.
  • Go to the pull-down menu and choose “Freeze Panes.”

The two rows above the chosen row will be frozen in Excel. The top two rows of the worksheet will always be shown as you navigate.

2. Using the Split Window Option:

You may use this feature to split the Excel window into many panes, each of which will have its own set of scroll bars. Here’s how to achieve your goal:

  • Launch Excel and go to the cell underneath the two rows you want to lock.
  • In Excel, choose the “View” tab from the ribbon’s menu.
  • Select “Split” from the “Window” submenu.

The top two rows will be shown in the upper pane when Excel divides the window in half horizontally. Simply simply sliding the split bar, you may change where the split occurs. To see more of the worksheet, use the scroll bars on each tab.

how to freeze top two rows in excel

3. Using the Freeze Top Row Option with a Filter:

Combine the “Freeze Top Row” functionality with the filter function if you need to both freeze the top two rows and apply a filter to your data. You may add filters to the other rows while still seeing the first two. Here’s how to achieve your goal:

  • To begin, open Excel and make sure the column headings are on the top row.
  • Pick a cell in the first two rows.
  • In Excel, choose the “Data” tab.
  • Select “Filter” from the “Sort & Filter” submenu.

When you apply a filter in Excel, just the first two rows of data will be shown while the rest are hidden.

If you’re working with a huge dataset in Excel, you can keep the top two rows frozen using the “Freeze Panes” option, the “Split Window” function, or by combining the “Freeze Top Row” option with a filter. Improve your Excel efficiency using the approach that works best for you.

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